an amazing human powered stunt machine!

Dicyclet TM  can be controlled with Swiss precision into pirouettes, swings and multiple somersaults. 

The 2.70 meter high stainless steel wheels are connected with a seat hanging under the axle.

Dicyclet TM   is an absolute joy to ride. It gives you a feel of flying. 

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The wheel is one of the most basic inventions in history. It was a brilliant idea to use the wheel itself as a vehicle. To solve balance-problems two parallel wheels were used.

The driver hangs comfortably under the axle. This gives you the possibility to swing. During acceleration the chair swings slightly backwards and during a breaking manoeuvre it swings forwards. With enough speed and extreme braking the hanging seat can even make several 360-degree loops. 

Driver and vehicle become one. Using his body as a counter weight in the wheels, driver and creator Maik ter Veer can do amazing stunts with Dicyclet™ : multiple somersaults, turns, swings, pirouettes, back flips and other breathtaking moves. It feels like flying!

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Dicyclet TM has been presented on festivals, museums and international events throughout Europe and is a great success wherever it appears.
With the DicycletTM you add an amazing experience to your events or business presentations. The audience can also participate and try-out Dicyclet TM.


Dicyclet TM is very public friendly and safe and can be used by people of all ages and is completely environmentally friendly.


The speed you can obtain is comparable with normal pushbikes. There are multiple gears. Dicyclet TM  can be used on streets, squares, and grass, on the beach or ofroad and even in smaller inside venues, due to its extreme manoeuvrability. 

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The first DicycletTM was created and built in 1998 by Fred Abels and Maik ter Veer.

For three months, they worked together to perfection this giant-wheeled bicycle.  It took them several failed experiments but they succeeded to make it work.

The result: DicycletTM makes razor sharp turns with Swiss precision. Up to today, the record for a continuous series of saltos is 11. Can you do more?


Maik ter Veer is the initiator and artistic director of Robodock. This event is an internationally renowned art and technology festival. For the last 15 years, Robodock has taken on many different shapes, always presenting new, mind-blowing combinations of pyro engineering, multimedia, sculptures, robotic art, music, theatrical performances and avant-garde art concepts and formats. Get a taste of Robodock at the website

Fred Abels is an artist and inventor, who creates kinetic sculptures with movement as the main ‘material’. His work can be seen on Abels’ website



DicycletTM  has unique visibility and makes a great opportunity for on-vehicle advertising. It can also be booked for audience participation at cultural happenings, festivals and sport events. Or you can purchase a DicycletTM that is exclusively custom made for you.